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RAM Booster 2015 11.0

RAM Booster 2015 is an effective and easy-to-use Android application. The program is designed to improve the performance of smartphones, tablet computers and other electronic devices. Unlike similar developments, Ram Booster 2015 is easier to manage and configure, imposes fewer requirements on the internal stuffing of a mobile device.


During the operation of the device on Android, as well as stationary computers, accumulates a lot of files in the cache. An excessive amount of them can eventually lead to a decrease in productivity and speed of work. The software presented to your attention is just designed to clean the cache and remove unnecessary files from it.



  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Improves the performance of the device
  • Takes up a small amount of memory


Functional management, as already mentioned, is simple and intuitive. The user interface is concise. To start the program, just press the "Start" button. After that, you need to wait a few minutes while the software cleans the memory of the mobile device. Large buttons allow you to work comfortably with the program even on small-sized touch displays.


The application is easy to install and configure. The installation of the program takes place in automatic mode and is no different from installing software with the extension ".apk". The program is ready for use immediately after installation and does not require additional settings. The presented application will arouse the interest of any owner of a mobile device, because the result of his work will be a higher performance of a tablet or smartphone! The latest version of the system application RAM Booster 2015 download for android.

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