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SmartWatch 2 SW2 1.6.31

This is the official Sony app for SmartWatch 2 SW2. It allows you to use all the useful features of this innovative smartphone accessory. With this application, you can choose the way your smartphone interacts with SmartWatch 2, customize the backgrounds for the dial and widgets, as well as choose a style for the watch. Customize your smartwatch as you like. In addition, this application allows you to install new Android application extensions available for the SmartWatch 2.


To use this accessory app, you need to install the Smart Connect app on your Android smartphone or tablet.


SmartWatch 2 expands the functions of Android and offers exciting new opportunities for life and communication. The device interacts with the smartphone via Bluetooth, so that the events of your life are reflected in your watch. From the large number of available extensions of the SmartWatch 2 application, select the necessary ones and be one of the first to master the SmartWatch lifestyle.


note. This app is not displayed on the apps screen or the home screen. The application parameters can be opened in Smart Connect or in the status bar of your phone or tablet. The latest version of the theme SmartWatch 2 SW2 download for android.

Features: Widget Information

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  • Application version: 1.6.31
  • Downloaded: 2088
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  • Application version: 1.6.31
  • Downloaded: 3518
  • Full version

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