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GreatFreedom CM-11.0 Theme

Great Freedom Theme is an excellent project for Android with open source for the creativity of enthusiasts and all users. Experienced programmers can make the source code a template for their non-chicks. An act in the spirit of the name is a Great Freedom. Freedom for everyone, big and very much!


Project versions

The app is suitable for most devices. The main requirement is 512 MB of RAM. The variations are due to the graphics of the smartphone: they are available with a 768x1280 animation and with a 1080x1920 animation. 


What is included: 

  • Framework
  • Ability to make settings
  • Widgets for MMS, E-mail, Gmail and Facebook.
  • LockClock
  • Smart power management
  • Copyright, from the Great Freedom, wallpapers and fonts



The main milestones of development: 

  • Correction of the built-in manager error: displayed only 75 icons instead of 109.
  • There are LockScreen wallpapers, animation of the application launch. 
  • Added vaccinations.
  • Correction of wallpaper playback on a gadget with a higher resolution. Android Studio is now supported.
  • The display of a new contact in the application has appeared. SDK attribute added.
  • The premiere of the development.


Attention! Not for kids – there is adult content! Latest version of live wallpaper GreatFreedom CM-11.0 Theme download for android.

Features: HD
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