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HD Minecraft wallpapers 0.2

H.D. Minecraft Wallpeper implements the retro style of Minecraft graphics, which has become an image visually attractive to the army of gamers. Followers of creative crafting need to visibly maintain their own way of thinking, put themed wallpapers. HD MW allows you to radically solve the problem – not to look for suitable pictures, but to act in the style of the game, turning an accessible piece of the world, the screen, into a block universe. This android application transforms drawings into backgrounds of the style "from Minecraft".


The deliberate 8-bit simplicity of the textures emphasizes the origin of the processing, although the real pixel is small in a modern way, there is a reason in the name of the application, the 1080 resolution format. Users are pleased to transform old familiar pictures into something stunning: familiar, but unusual. The smartphone screen looks like the minecraft game doesn't end at all and, in general, she has captured the phone and is crafting it in her own way. The next step suggests itself – to make a real case of familiar blocks painted in pixels.



  • Android OS.
  • A huge list of available image formats.
  • "Omnivorous" in relation to the source. 
  • Latest version of live wallpaper HD Minecraft wallpapers download for android.
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