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ZombieMine Minecraft Wallpaper 1.08

ZombieMine Minecraft Wallpaper is a live wallpaper for Android. The application successfully uses the style of the franchise of the same name, unofficially supporting it. The terrible undead moves around the display, highlighting their surroundings with a neon background. The contrast of the drawn and the real is soothing: while the horror is locked in the plane of the screen!


ZMO Features

  • Exploration of mine depths.
  • Active custom animations.
  • HD Graphics
  • Turning on the zoom by tilting the device.


The developer warns: this is a game design, not a game. All effects are implemented by Photoshop-type graphic monsters. The zombie dungeon has no prototype either in virtual or in real life.


Is it pointless to ferment brainless undead or do we commit the same incomprehensible actions from day to day – such thoughts arise. Or has the screen become a way to see US FROM THERE, from a digital something? Latest version of live wallpaper ZombieMine Minecraft Wallpaper download for android.

Features: HD

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