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ZombieTown Minecraft Wallpaper 6.1

ZombieTown Minecraft wallpapers perform an important role: they make a smartphone with an Android unique! A brand-new gadget is faceless and the owner immediately sets up an electronic assistant as a "second self", a virtual reflection in a digit. Content (phone book, set of prog, books, media) and form (sounds, animation of actions).


Minecraft style multiplied by zombie apocalepsis transforms the display a hundredfold. Stylish pixel blocks have become a sign of modern creativity, zombie characters are greetings from the variable future. Static would spoil all the landscapes, but the picture is dynamic!


What do we have on the screen?

  • Change of weather, day/night,
  • Zombie inhabitants of Minecraft city,
  • Non-standard implementation of the undead,
  • Moving characters.


While watching, remember: they are also looking at you from behind the plastic screen! Latest version of live wallpaper ZombieTown Minecraft Wallpaper download for android.

Download ZombieTown Minecraft Wallpaper on android

  • Application version: 6.1
  • Downloaded: 1398
  • Full version
Download live wallpaper ZombieTown Minecraft Wallpaper from Otter … Show completely ...

  • Application version: 5.5
  • Downloaded: 2384
  • Full version

  • Application version: 5.4
  • Downloaded: 2014
  • Full version

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