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World of Tanks Live Wallpaper 1.2.2

World of Tanks Live Wallpaper is an application for true connoisseurs and fans of the popular arcade tank simulator. The program is designed to be installed on Android devices, it will allow you to beautifully decorate the touch screen of a smartphone, tablet computer with scenes from a popular computer game. We can safely say that the Zhivye oboi World Of Tanks program has no analogues.


As mentioned above, the presented program will allow owners of Android devices to change the graphic design of the touch screen. It is easy to use, does not require a lot of space during installation, is undemanding to the resources of a tablet or smartphone. The software management interface allows you to perform numerous settings and literally adjust the design of the screen for yourself.



  • All graphics were created specifically for the contest and are colorful and realistic.
  • The software database includes several battle scenes that replace each other after a certain point in time.
  • The application is adapted for the most common display sizes and resolutions.
  • The software fully functions both in landscape and portrait mode of the display.
  • The foreground offset relative to the background is used, which allows you to create the effect of the depth of the scene.


The presented software will be "to taste" primarily to users who are fans of the popular game World of Tanks or just owners of devices who want to beautifully decorate the screen of their tablet or smartphone. How to install the program? - Go to "Home page", then "Applications", in "Settings" select "Screen", go to "Live Wallpaper", select the item with the name of the application, click "Install". Latest version of live wallpaper World of Tanks Live Wallpaper download for android.

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