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Nova Launcher 7.0.57

Nova Launcher is an easy-to-manage and fast launcher created specifically for smartphones and tablets running on Android. In comparison with similar applications, Nova Launcher has more extensive features, settings, is stable and fast in operation. With this program, you can always change the design of the mobile desktop based on your own preferences.


The functionality of the application is quite extensive. With it, you can change the desktop design and install new wallpapers, customize the menu style, customize the display and preview of folders, change color themes and much more. Thanks to the installation of the additional TeslaUnread Plugin, the user can also add unread message counters to the icons and thus promptly receive information about receiving emails to the email inbox or new messages in social networks.


As already mentioned, the launcher is very easy to use and configure. The settings menu is logically clear and Russified. Anyone can handle it, even a novice user. The fully automated installation process of the program is no less simple. The application will appeal to owners of Android devices who want to change the design of the screen, make it unique.


The program has a hidden menu "Laboratory", how to get into it? - Enter the settings, press the volume down button for two to three seconds, then press the volume up button.


After restarting the phone, the icons disappeared from the table, what should I do? - You can do the following. Make Nova a system application or move programs whose icons have disappeared from the display to the device memory. The latest version of the widget on the desktop Nova Launcher download for android.

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