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Stalker Cat Live Wallpaper Lt 2.1

Stalker Cat Live Wallpaper Lt is an original live wallpaper for the desktop of an Android gadget. The former popularity of live wallpapers has waned, but even now many people use them. This is an easy and original way to customize or paint your gadget, stand out from the crowd. This program will perfectly help in this.

After switching on, a small but cunning kitten will be waiting for the user on the screen. It will appear and disappear with random frequency, sometimes winking at the user. The standard appearance resembles a moonlit night. The background is dark blue with iridescences, the kitten is also executed in dark colors, in a cartoon style. In the program settings, it is easy to configure any other background color or the frequency of the appearance of the "guest" on the screen, but then you will have to upgrade to the "Pro" version.

Downloading and installation are standard. This original and cute addition to the device will help you express your personality and just add some sweetness to your use of the gadget. Download it, you won't regret it! Latest version of live wallpaper Stalker Cat Live Wallpaper Lt download for android.

Features: HD

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  • Application version: 2.1
  • Downloaded: 7973
  • Lite version
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  • Application version: 2.1
  • Downloaded: 7285
  • Lite version

  • Application version: 2.0.3
  • Downloaded: 9702
  • Lite version

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