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Windfinder 3.24.4

Windfinder is a professional weather tracking tool for owners of Android devices. Visually, the program is very simple, but some points may not be clear to a person who has not encountered such a meteosoft before. However, after a few minutes of surfing on the program, everything falls into place. The design is slightly strict, minimalistic, but pleasing to the eye.

The program will be useful for those who care about the accuracy of weather forecasts. Here you will see the latest data from weather stations and airports, wind direction and strength, a graph of changes in air flow velocities, an expanded wind rose. The perfect solution for surfers, pilots, sailors and extreme athletes. There are more than 40,000 locations available, which are constantly being added, and almost twenty thousand data sources – weather stations. Just choose the nearest one and get all the necessary information.


  • Nice view;
  • Wide functionality, roses and graphics;
  • The ability to choose the source of information;
  • Thousands of weather stations and observation zones;
  • Light weight and easy to install;
  • Maximum accuracy of forecasts;
  • English only.


The latter feature is absolutely not critical, because the data is served more graphically, and even with basic English of primary classes, you can cope with all the descriptions. If you are tired of the difference between the weather in the gadget and outside the window, download Windfinder – this is what you have been looking for for so long! The latest version of the weather widget Windfinder download for android.

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