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TSF Weather Widget 2.1

TSF Weather Widget is a great, colorful and original weather widget for the TSF platform. Only for Android devices. The program is very interesting, it will be really difficult to find analogues. The drawing is made in a somewhat old–school style - all the elements are similar to the ones drawn. Fonts are not the most organic, but they are quite readable.

Before the user is a lightweight but functional product for one of the most common Android platforms. All the main functions of the weather widget are present: the forecast for a day or several days, manual and automatic updates, city detection via Wi-Fi or GPS and the ability to score it manually.


All styles have one common "trick" - all the elements seem to hang on thin strings. This gives the appearance of the gadget some grace and childishness, makes the strict style of the "green robot" somewhat softer. Clouds and cities are not static – when touched, they begin to sway slightly, as if from a real impact.



  • High-quality and original drawing;
  • Cool idea;
  • Lots of functions;
  • Wide range of settings;
  • Good optimization.


We can say that TSF Weather Widget is a great solution for everyone who wants to stand out and install something original, interesting and beautiful on their device. The transformation of any interface is guaranteed. The latest version of the weather widget TSF Weather Widget download for android.

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