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Weather and clock HTC Sense style

HTC Sense weather and clock style is the return of the legendary skin for any Android gadget. At one time, such an appearance was not just a standard, but the limit of the dreams of many users. The era of compact flagships from NTS has long "sunk into oblivion", but the Sense interface came out so successful that it is still in well-deserved demand. The most interesting part of the launcher has always been the clock+weather widget. We have just such software in front of us, only even more refined and improved.

The program completely repeats the appearance of the original, while there are many skins, some of which are animated. We are also pleased with the presence of a wide variety of sizes, which will allow you to fit an assistant into any interface and desktop. Functionally, the developers "did not offend" their offspring, and implemented almost all possible functions. The location can be set manually or determined automatically, the forecast is available for a day or a week, you can even do without it and display only the current weather.

The update time is flexibly configurable. You can add a display of temperature, wind strength and much more. The time part also has a wide functionality and is able to show different times. In skins, you can change many things in your own way, for example, the font and its color. All this allows you to create your own unique widget that will show only the necessary information, with exactly the way the user wants it.


  • Excellent drawing and animation;
  • The original Sence interface;
  • Can be used on high-resolution screens;
  • Just a huge amount of settings;
  • The richest customization possibilities;
  • Easy installation and setup;
  • Undemanding to system resources.


Weather widget sense3 style is just what you need to "refresh" your tablet or smartphone, give it an interesting appearance and additional functionality. It is recommended to download as a time-tested style sample. The latest version of the weather widget Weather and clock HTC Sense style download for android.

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