5 ideas on how to photograph hair beautifully
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5 ideas on how to photograph hair beautifully

  • 15 June 2022 - 21:09. Updated

Everyone wants to look spectacular in the photo, so they use small tricks, using effective programs for processing photo cards. 

In this article, we offer you a list of interesting ideas on how to take a beautiful picture of your hair so as to cause a "Wow" effect.

Idea 1. We photograph the hairstyle from behind

Do you want to have an impressive hairstyle in the frame? Then you can place the model in the center of the composition, making voluminous and shiny hair the main attribute of the shooting. We advise you to fix and lay each strand so that they lie beautifully and evenly on your shoulders. This shooting format is perfect for owners of hair-related businesses. Here are some examples:

  • advertising of cosmetics for care, using a marketing ploy with photos "Before" and "After";
  • advertising of a beauty salon where hairstyles are made for special events or important events in life.

To give an aesthetic appearance, use the RetouchMe photo editor, which will help remove excessive fluffiness of hair or add volume. How to do this, you can read the link: https://retouchme.com/ru/service/add-hair-volume . It's no secret that the picture will be more impressive with beautiful and voluminous hair. The volume may be poorly visible in the photo for various reasons, so you can use a photo editor to brighten the picture. So you will not need to visit salons or spend a lot of time creating the perfect hairstyle. Convenient application tools will help you quickly achieve the desired effect. As a result, the hair will look perfect, with enough volume and a beautiful shine. Try it!


Idea 2. Loose hair lying down

This is a spectacular shooting option. Put the model on a white background. Straighten your hair so that it looks like a gust of wind. To achieve the best effect, try using props. Here are some ideas with a photo selection:

  • fruit pictures;


  • floral prints;


  • non-standard abstractions;


  • leaves;


  • feathers.


Idea 3. Use the wind for bright shots

Why not try to create an imitation of wind flows? To do this, you will need a fan or a simple hair dryer. Bring a gentle stream of wind to the model so that the hair begins to develop in the air.


With this idea, you can create unusual photos. At the same time, wind currents are well suited to emphasize the beauty of curly or straight strands.X7fS3QEPj-m3O3_e4dd6gKZ3fTzR-OXKsaFxgGjeuxKshdL8UD1vrIYwhSwTcyHMpIfovhecB_tq25PTD31NlpZjDHONXOaY_VZ6936Zy2x2iEpUqee16VFYYxuRJAGdgPNqs326YnJZwnMn6w

Idea 4. The sun is the best friend of any shooting

Summer is a great time to create bright shots. But for this you will need to add real summer notes. Find a suitable place for a photo shoot. It can be a pre-prepared place by the window or just a special area on the street. Please note that the shooting can take place lying down or sitting. In this idea, the main condition is the presence of direct sunlight.


If there is an overexposure in the picture, then do not rush to get upset. This moment can be corrected in the photo editor at the link: https://retouchme.com/ru . It will also be possible, on the contrary, to add a little brightness to the sun's rays. Do not forget that to implement this idea you will need to get up early. So you will have time to catch the first "sunbeams" in the lens.

Idea 5. Use of accessories and improvised means

Accessories can be useful in any shooting. These are not necessarily earrings or elastic bands, which can also complement the picture well. If we are talking about non-standard photos, then you can try the following:

  • beat the strands of hair with your hands, taking them in a tight bun;


  • add devices for hairstyles, for example: hair dryer or curling iron;


  • put on a hat that will immediately emphasize the hair;


  • catch the process of applying paint or styling in the lens.


And which idea to choose in the end?

We advise you to start from what you need a photo for. If you plan a photo shoot in the salon, then pay attention to the 5th idea, where we recommend showing the process of the hair master's work. But for social networks it will be cool to prepare a frame with additional elements in the form of flower arrangements or feathers. 

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