Overview of Baseus WM02 Wireless Headphones
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Overview of Baseus WM02 Wireless Headphones

  • 30 August 2022 - 16:32. Updated

Baseus has long had a reliable reputation as a manufacturer of chargers. The company's products are high-tech, qualitatively made, made of modern materials, taking into account the needs and requests of consumers, which determines its popularity. In addition, the company pays a lot of attention to the design of its products, making it as thoughtful, aesthetic and stylish as possible. Everything down to the covers and cables is elegantly and perfectly combined with each other. In the assortment of the company, even the most demanding customer can easily find a product for himself and his needs.

In addition to chargers, Baseus also produces other accessories for mobile phones, for example, wireless headphones. Most recently, a new model has been released – Baseus WM02.

The headphones come in a compact white cardboard box with a stylish design. The headphones themselves are depicted on the front of the box, and their technical specifications are written on the back side in different languages.

Included with the headphones are stickers, warranty card, instructions, USB Type-C charging cable and additional ear pads. Everything is packed beautifully and soundly. It can be purchased both for your own use and as a gift.

Baseus WM02 are available in four main colors: purple, blue, white and black.

The charging case, like the headphones themselves, is made of pleasant ABS plastic. The upper part of the case is transparent, with the image of the Baseus logo. In the front part there is a light indicator that signals the status of the case, there is a charging port at the back. The case cover is fixed with a special magnet. Similarly, the headphones themselves are fixed in the sockets.

The headphones themselves are quite tiny, light and compact. They look stylish in the ears due to their minimalistic design. The length of the sound guide is 3.4 mm, the diameter is 5 mm. The hole in the sound guide is covered with a metal mesh. There are "L" and "R" marks on the inside of the headphones. There are indicators at the top, as well as a working sensor area.

Headphones are connected according to the standard scheme. You need to charge them, then remove them from the case and go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. After some time, they will be reflected in your "new devices" section, after which you will only have to click on them and the connection will take place.

The headphones have a thoughtful and convenient control system. By double-clicking on the touch area, you can stop or play audio, as well as answer or end a call. A triple click will help you to call the voice assistant. And by holding your finger on the touch area, you can scroll through the compositions, or reject an incoming call.

The headphones sit comfortably in the ears and do not fall out. Soft silicone ear pads provide a tight fit, and the headphones are securely fixed in the ear due to specially designed protrusions. You can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth version 5.3. You can listen to music from up to 15 meters away from your phone. Also, this model of headphones supports the sharing of two devices.

The sound is quite detailed and high-quality, clean, with good bass and expressive midrange frequencies. There is passive noise reduction, which perfectly extinguishes all extraneous sounds around you while listening to music.

As for the battery, its capacity in the headphones is 40 mAh, and in the charging case – 300 mAh. Fully charged headphones are able to work continuously for six hours. When the headphones are discharged, you can charge them up to 100% in the case in an hour and a half. In total, a fully charged case can withstand from three to four full charges of headphones.

We also recommend downloading the Baseus mobile app, which, when used with headphones, will provide a number of additional functions.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that Baseus WM02 is one of the best wireless headphones in its price category. They have all the necessary functions, with their help you can listen to high-quality music or audiobook, as well as watch a movie or video.

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