Google Play hacked by Russian hackers
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Google Play hacked by Russian hackers

  • 14 October 2017 - 5:19. Updated


Alexey Borodin became famous all over the world after he was able to hack the Apple app store - AppStore. He informed Apple about this on the company's birthday, when it turned 10 years old. To patch up all the holes found by the hacker, the developers of the application took about two weeks, which is quite a long time. During this time, you can download quite a lot of applications for free. Theoretically, the company could have reset and deleted all these applications, but decided to leave them to Alexey as a small reward for testing their security system.

After the accomplished "feat" Borodin decided to switch to the Google Play app. To do this, he sold his iPhone 4s and purchased Sumsung Galaxy S III to be able to work directly with the application.

During the break-in, the 21-year-old burglar decided to share his comments with the press. According to him, the protection in Apple was more complicated, but "thinner", in Google it's the opposite - weak protection and a thick layer. The difficulty lies in the fact that the store actually operates on two servers - Market and Push.

Nevertheless, despite all the problems that arose, it took the young hacker 3 weeks to "put Google on the shoulder blades". What the young genius will do is unknown. It is quite possible that he will create the same server so that users can download applications for free. However, in the comments, he reported that he would not give direct "tips" to users, since this is contrary to the law.
Google did not comment on the situation. Rumors have spread online that a young talent may be offered a reward or even, as in the case of a contest to hack the proprietary Google Chrome browser. What will be Alexey's next goal is also unknown, perhaps he will try to hack already redesigned applications, or maybe he will choose new guidelines for himself.

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