How not to lose money with the purchase of a TV with a diagonal of 43
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How not to lose money with the purchase of a TV with a diagonal of 43

  • 16 January 2023 - 12:08. Updated

When it comes time to buy a new 43-inch TV, buyers begin to get lost in the huge selection of modern models. Often choose TVs with a diagonal of 43 inches, which is about 109 cm. Today, such sizes no longer seem large, bulky, such a diagonal is considered average. These sizes are ideal for those rooms where small TVs are no longer appropriate, and large ones either do not fit in size or do not pass on a budget. The medium-sized TV is the most popular.

For comfortable viewing, it is enough to have only 1.5 m in front of such a TV panel in the room. Many models differ both in price and in the distinguishing internal filling, and, accordingly, in the quality of the transmitted image.

What should you pay attention to when buying TVs with a diagonal of 43:

TrademarkThe most famous manufacturers are (from popular to less popular):


  • "Sony" (brand Japan, assembly Malaysia, Slovakia);
  • "Samsung" (South Korea brand, worldwide assembly, including
  • russian);
  • "LG" (brand South Korea, assembly Russia, Poland, India, Mexico);
  • "Xiaomi" (China brand, China assembly, Russia);
  • "TLC" (China brand, China assembly, Russia);
  • "BBK" (China brand, China assembly, Russia).

Screen resolutionOften selected Full HD and Ultra HD. Full HD is used quite often in inexpensive models, such TVs get a good combination of an acceptable picture and an adequate price.

Ultra-high image quality will be provided by Ultra HD, which has become more often used in the production of televisions with a diagonal of 43 and higher. Ultra HD transmits images much better on medium-sized TVs.

The matrixOne of the main elements in the TV panel.

Responsible for the brightness, contrast and color reproduction of the image. Meet:

  • LED (here the backlight at the TV is created by recycled liquid


  • QLED (color saturation is achieved by introducing blue


  • OLED (the use of organic light-emitting diodes allowed to obtain
  • super-improved contrast and color output).

FunctionalNow the most in demand is the availability of:


  • Smart TV allows you to access the Internet directly from the TV;
  • Bluetooth with its help, you can connect mobile devices and broadcast videos or images from your phone;
  • the curved shape looks interesting in the interior, enhances the sense of presence in the ongoing plot, but at the same time the viewing point should be exclusively in the center, which is not suitable for everyone.

Everyone decides which TV to choose for himself, based on the available budget, brand preferences and the need for certain functions.





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