How to increase sales?
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How to increase sales?

  • 03 September 2022 - 15:29. Updated

Have you created a cool website, but you still have small sales? So you need SEO. What it is, we will understand in this article.

SEO is the restructuring of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines. This process includes the development of a promotion strategy, the creation of suitable content, as well as the analysis of the results. In other words, the quality indicators of the site are being increased, as a result of which it becomes more competitive.

The ultimate goal of SEO marketing  is to bring the site to the top of search results for key business–defining queries, as well as to improve its visibility, increase conversion and traffic.

Working with a competent specialist, the first results can be obtained in 3-4 months, and to reach the top 10 of the site in 8 months.

Of course, you may have a question whether it is not better to use contextual advertising to promote the site, because it brings results much faster. This is true, but at the same time, in comparison with SEO, it has a number of significant drawbacks. SEO promotion:

  • gives a more long-term result;
  • it is the most effective tool for introducing a potential client to the brand;
  • does not depend on competitors' bids;
  • it can be carried out around the clock without constant replenishment of funds on the account;
  • brings customers to your site who are fundamentally against contextual advertising;
  • it is beyond the influence of various ad blockers.

How is the promotion going? In short, the work process looks like this:

  1. Internal optimization (site analysis and keyword research).
  2. Creating texts (setting a task for a copywriter, correcting information and metadata on the site, creating recommendations for the future content of the site).
  3. External optimization (competitor analysis, working with links, creating a promotion strategy, posting links to well-known resources).

What is SEO like? SEO promotion is divided into two large groups: traffic or positional. What you need is up to you. But, of course, a competent specialist will always help and guide.

Traffic promotion increases the target traffic on the site. In the process of work, your entire site will be promoted, its visibility will be improved, targeted and near-target traffic will be attracted using a wide selection of key phrases.

Positional promotion helps to increase the position of individual queries in the search. The task of specialists here is to promote only certain pages of your site and improve their visibility, as well as attract exclusively targeted traffic using certain keywords.

Who should I contact for SEO promotion service? It is very important that the specialist has experience, otherwise you will only waste money and not get the result. Therefore, we recommend the Internet marketing agency WebMate SEO - this is their specialty.

WebMate is an international agency that has been working with various companies in Kazakhstan for 4 years. The specialists of this company have at least 8 years of experience, as well as certificates from Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals.

The essence of the agency's strategy is close cooperation with the client. Employees will delve deeply into the essence of your product and the features of your niche, after which, in strict consultation with you, they will make your website more interesting, more profitable and more efficient.

Why do I need to turn to WebMate?

  • The availability of financial guarantees in the contract, your funds will be reliably protected from waste.
  • The company has a portfolio with hundreds of cases, its specialists know exactly how to lead you to success.
  • All employees of the company are experts in their field. In working with you, they will use only the most effective tools and strategies that will fully recoup your investment in advertising due to a significant increase in profits.
  • Close cooperation with the client. Employees promptly answer all your questions and calls. Missing for a few days is not about us.
  • Work on the project is carried out continuously.
  • You will always have the opportunity to observe the ongoing work yourself in real time.

More than 500 clients have already reached a new level working with WebMate, try it out!

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