How to choose a laptop battery?
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How to choose a laptop battery?

  • 09 January 2023 - 10:28. Updated

Laptop batteriesThe laptop battery first of all fails, even with careful use.

Each battery, regardless of the model and filling, is designed for 500 recharge cycles. After the end of the resource, the portable PC becomes stationary.  Therefore, every owner faces the problem of replacing it. 

When choosing a battery for a laptop computer, you need to know the exact model and partnumber of the old one. The new battery must fully match the parameters of the original one. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or refer to the information on the sticker of the old battery. Usually one model can be suitable for several types of laptops. 

Characteristics of batteries that should be guided by when choosing:

  1. By battery type. At the moment, the most common type of batteries that are used in modern laptops is li-lon. In portable laptops, lithium polymer batteries can be used. 
  2. Battery capacity. The most important value that should be given special attention. The operating time of the laptop without recharging depends on it. Usually, the capacity is measured in two versions: in milliVolts/h and milliamps/hours. Such designations can be found on the sticker. It is necessary that this parameter coincides with the previous battery or is larger.
  3. The voltage should be the same. Otherwise, the battery performance will be in question.
  4. Battery size. One of the most important parameters of the battery. It must completely match the original. Otherwise, it will be impossible to install a new battery.

When it's time to contact our zeto for a new battery?Laptop batteries are essentially "consumables".

Sooner or later you will have to buy a new one. 

The first symptoms of laptop battery wear:

- charging lasts only for half an hour

active work;

- even at 50% charge, the laptop can turn off;

- it does not turn on without mains power;

- the battery has changed in size, swollen;

- charging lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes of work. 

Change your laptop on time. No need to waste your time and nerves! Our managers will help you in this matter. It is not a problem to replace the old battery with us or buy it in stock!

Original or analogIn our store finding both options is very easy.

The original is very quick and easy to find. You just need to type in a laptop model or series in the search engine. The advantages of such batteries are: quality, compatibility and service life. 

Our specialists can help you find an analogue. The main advantage of analog batteries is the price. But, and in quality they are not inferior to the original. You can get a guarantee for both options. 

Also in the store you can buy reinforced batteries with a capacity of 7000 mAh. Such options are more suitable for laptops that are needed for active work and heavy multimedia files. They are especially suitable for owners who have limited access to the power grid in everyday life. Your laptop will be able to work without recharging 2-3 times longer. But, the price will be higher accordingly. 

For watching movies, active surfing on social networks and games, you can choose classic batteries. Their power varies from 4200 mAh to 5200 mAh. 

The main rule when choosing a laptop battery is to buy one as similar as possible to the original one. Now there are a thousand types of batteries on the market. Only a few may be suitable for your gadget. Choosing the right option is not an easy task.  

On our website you can do this without too much trouble. If you have any difficulties with the choice, then contact our consultants. They will definitely help you.


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