Mobile proxies for Android: what you need and how to use
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Mobile proxies for Android: what you need and how to use

  • 24 January 2023 - 15:44. answered

Smartphone is the best solution for working with the Internet

You won't see anyone with a smartphone anymore. Almost every person has this gadget. A smartphone is used for a variety of purposes. This can be the use of applications for communication at work (messengers), browsers for searching for information, games, etc. A smartphone has long been designed not for communications in the traditional sense of communication, but for work, the Internet.  

For smartphones, the main operating system is Android. Moreover, Android 10 is a popular operating system from Google. Almost a third of smartphones have it installed. In second place is Android 11. The third place was taken by Android 9. This rating was derived from Google Play application data.

Android has such advantages:

  1. Freedom of action in the system, convenience.
  2. An abundance of applications.
  3. Regular updates.
  4. How to secure your IP

The security of your IP address is something that almost anyone working on the Internet worries about. To safely visit the necessary resources from your smartphone, it is better to use a proxy. They are much more optimal and reliable than a VPN.You can read it at the link -

Proxies are designed to work with Android and allow you to access sites that are blocked on the territory of a certain country. With mobile proxies, no one will be able to restrict visits to the resources of interest. Thanks to the proxy, the user gets access to such sites:  

  1. In Russia – Tor browser, Linkedin.
  2. In Ukraine – Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Yandex search engine.
  3. In China– Instagram. 

Mobile proxies work quite simply, at the same time, they perfectly ensure the security of any user's network. A proxy is an intermediary between a smartphone and a visited page on the Internet. The anonymity of the user is preserved, his data is almost impossible to recognize.

What else do mobile proxies on Android give?

  1. Visit social networks without restrictions, maintain several profiles at the same time.
  2. Circumvent the restrictions set by the provider.
  3. Upload content when the limit for 1 IP address is reached.
  4. Use sites that are prohibited in a particular country.  
  5. The popularity of mobile proxies for Android is quite understandable. The user's real IP address will be completely hidden.

In practice, proxies have even more advantages. Mobile proxies are a thoughtful choice of promotion specialists and ordinary users. In addition, you can safely use a proxy of another country, so as not to purchase a VPN. For example, some resources are not available on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine.

So, if the user has decided to secure his real address on the network, then, without a doubt, mobile proxies should be preferred. They are relevant for smartphones with Android OS.

What opportunities do proxies open up to the user?

  1. Work with the required number of accounts in any social networks.
  2. Protection against bans, blockages when visiting various sites.
  3. Stable operation without any failures.
  4. Dynamic IP addresses (not 1 static address, but many).
  5. The ability to set the address change interval to suit your needs.
  6. Effective page promotion in social networks, etc.

Mobile proxies are much better than server themes, because they allow you to access the IP addresses of the mobile operator. Mobile proxies on Android will save the user from problems related to locks. Therefore, you can do the necessary things in your smartphone without worries, without fear of any restrictions.

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