Overview of Volmax Group
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Overview of Volmax Group

  • 06 March 2022 - 19:18. Updated

What does the company do?

Volmax Group Company (official website volmax.kz ) is engaged in IT outsourcing, that is, remotely servicing office equipment, network equipment and other IT infrastructure of any level of complexity.

A large number of trade and pharmaceutical organizations, educational institutions cooperate with the company, as its services allow them not to create their own IT department and thereby save about 25% of the total costs.

The order of interaction with clients

How does it work? enters into a subscription service agreement with the organization. Then it provides offices with the necessary equipment and components, installs programs.

Next, the administration stage begins. The company's employees help in optimizing business processes and creating convenient tools for work. And if any problem occurs, they connect remotely and promptly solve it.

There is no need to worry about confidentiality, there is a non-disclosure clause in the contract.

Thanks to modern software, Volmax Group employees can solve technical problems of any complexity. All you need is to enable the TeamViewer program, and they will do the rest themselves.

The installed software is of high quality, fully licensed. If it is needed only for a short time, it is not necessary to buy it, you can rent it. And if you need it for a long time, then the company will professionally and competently select the necessary programs for any budget, taking into account all the subtleties of licensing. After all, Volmax Group is not only an IT outsourcing company, but also a supplier (with official confirmation of its competence by manufacturers) of software and operating systems for both businesses and individuals.

So, even if you do not need IT outsourcing services, you can choose software for every taste in the company's store: antiviruses on the website, cloud services, information protection programs, graphic editors, operating systems, office programs and much more.

After paying for the goods, you will receive an email with an activation code or a key file. And delivery will take from 30 minutes to 72 hours (maximum). The refund can be made within 14 days. Also, upon request, the company provides the necessary accounting documents.

What software can you purchase from Volmax Group

The company installs and configures:

·NCLayer 1.1.0, a program that makes it possible to use an electronic digital signature in the browser. As well as modules in it for working with the public procurement website. This is difficult to do on your own, since many modules are installed manually. You can also contact the company about registering employees in the module and configuring the browser to work on the public procurement web portal.

·Browser for working on the Web portal "e-Ministry of Finance".

·Antivirus programs.

·COHO, a program for filling out all tax reporting forms.

·Browser and plug-in for working on the Internet Banking web portal.

·Application programs (graphic editors, databases, applications for accounting and data storage, and others).

·SingWorkaround v.25, a program that allows you to use an electronic digital signature to access government portals and when signing contracts.

·CryptoSocket version, an application for working with the Electronic Invoices portal.

·Java SE.

·Tumar, an application that is responsible for generating encryption keys, electronic digital signatures, as well as for their protection and verification.

·Various browsers.

·Browser extensions to block ads. This is necessary to protect your device, because such advertising may contain viruses, malicious links, spyware.

·Windows. The company's employees will also help solve the problems that have arisen during the update. For example, they will roll back to the previous version if the system slows down after the update, the drivers of video and sound cards refuse to work.

In addition, the company will help you deal with viruses on your device. If the computer has started to slow down, run for a long time or not run programs at all, then it is worth checking it for the presence of a virus. Employees will diagnose the device, detect malware, if there is one, restore the system and cure infected files. They will also help you if a virus has settled on your flash drive and will do everything possible to prevent the loss of information stored on it.

Volmax Group provides a wide variety of software-related services. And you can be sure that when contacting this company, your problem will be solved.

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