October update of the Google Play store
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October update of the Google Play store

  • 16 October 2017 - 19:02. Updated


Google Corporation decided to update the Google Play application. It has become one of the largest in recent times. There are no major and dramatic changes, but a lot of little things have been introduced that make working with this application more comfortable and convenient.

Firstly, it is finally possible to delete "My Apps" from the list of installed applications. This feature may be needed by those who downloaded the application but did not install it, or if you installed the application and then deleted it. Agree, if you had to ask for a phone or smartphone, it will be too inconvenient to look for those applications that were actually installed in a long list. Now it is possible to edit this list.

Secondly, Google Play now remembers the position of the screen while scrolling. For example, you scrolled through the list of applications, became interested in some of them, went in, read and came to the conclusion that this is not what you need. Previously, returning to the list, you would have to scroll all over again, but now there is no need.

Thirdly, now when updating the application, an icon is assigned to each application. This is done in order to make it easier to control the process of updating several applications at once. Instead of a bunch of identical icons, a message with an individual image of the application will be displayed.

In addition, a "wish list" appeared, which is designated "Wish List" in the application. In it, at the touch of a button, you can add applications, music, videos and others that you would like to download in the future or just leave for later.

There are many more minor changes. Despite the rather impressive volume of innovations, the application began to weigh a little less than before, which is good news. Saving memory on the device is a good thing.

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