Development of mobile applications for business from Punicapp
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Development of mobile applications for business from Punicapp

  • 12 March 2022 - 8:55. Updated

Development of mobile applications for business efficiently and on time

Punicapp company offers its services for the development of mobile applications for businesses based on iOS and Android operating systems. The organization has been operating since 2012, and during this time has gained a wealth of experience in creating a variety of applications of any complexity (native, cross-platform, pwa, mobile web applications). A professional team of the company's employees will help you increase the flow of customers, and, accordingly, profit by creating a simple and convenient functionality, a pleasant interface, as well as a design designed specifically for you. The unique experience of specialists helps them to create extraordinary and effective products. They know exactly how to implement your idea.

The company develops the application in the shortest possible time. When ordering the development of a mobile application, a contract with guarantees of fulfillment of obligations, as well as an agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information, will be concluded. Therefore, you don't have to worry about keeping your data secret.

Why should I choose Punicapp?

The company's clients (including such famous brands as Burger King, Pizza Hut, Toyota) note the high level of service, punctuality and compliance with the stated deadlines. In addition, the company's specialists will help you go through all the stages of creating an application, starting from the idea of its development and ending with publication in stores. You will also receive exclusive rights to the created application and will be its sole owner.

Stages of work

  1. The stage of the idea. If you have a clear understanding of what you need, you provide the company with TK. If there is no understanding, then they will help you form it. Experts will tell you about the latest trends, share their experience and give advice.
  2. Analytics stage. At this stage, developers delve into all the subtleties of your business, study competitors, analyze the target audience.
  3. The design and engineering stage. Application design, colors, fonts, navigation are thought out especially for your business. At the end of this stage, specialists necessarily test the convenience of the interface.
  4. Development stage. Development takes place on the most relevant platforms. The programming languages Objective-C and Swift are used for the iOS operating system, Java and Kotlin are used for Android. Specialists break the development process into several small parts. After each part is completed, the product is shown to the customer, so you can control the entire process.
  5. Testing stage. At each stage of development, both automatic and manual testing is mandatory. This allows you to avoid various bugs and errors. At the end, the product passes the final test. As a result, you get a verified, perfectly working application.
  6. The stage of publication. The company's specialists are preparing the application for publication in the AppStore and Google Play. Create advertising photos and video packages, descriptions, banners, icons. They select keywords. Also, if necessary, employees can create an account on your behalf and help with the publishing process.
  7. The stage of support and development. After the publication of the application, specialists will continue to support you, ensure smooth operation, adapt the application to new versions of operating systems, update functionality when necessary.

The cost of developing a mobile application

The cost of the application development work is calculated individually and depends on the following factors:

  • support for various operating systems (iOS, Android);
  • number of screens;
  • design complexity;
  • availability of authorization and type (via email, phone or social networks);
  • the type of content that you plan to fill the application with;
  • availability of a booking system, the ability to work with maps and calendar;
  • availability of various types of payments and the possibility of making purchases;
  • the need for administration;
  • possibility of communication, mailing lists, reposts;
  • integration with third-party services;
  • availability of application and user data protection;
  • additional functions (work with GPS sensors, camera, the ability to upload data to cloud storage, QR code scanner, smartwatch support, etc.).

The payment does not have to be made at a time, it can be divided into several stages.

Go to the company's website right now to calculate the cost of your application! After all, a qualitatively created mobile application will not only help you earn more, but also make your brand recognizable, strengthen the company's position in the market, and also increase customer loyalty, because your services will become more accessible to them.

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