How to add transitions to videos in TikTok
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How to add transitions to videos in TikTok

  • 30 May 2022 - 13:59. Updated

Sometimes TikTok videos look like real magic with sharp transformations, transformations with one click of a finger and instant disguises. But this "magic" is achieved with the help of very real tools. One of them is transitions.

From the outside, the ticktockers look like master cinematographers with many years of film editing experience. However, specially designed applications such as , greatly facilitate the process and make transitions simple even for beginners.

How transitions work in TikTok

First of all, it is important to clarify what transitions are and how you can use them to increase the rating of your publications.

They are used to add entertainment to the content, creating an instant transformation or moving between different locations and angles. This tool allows you to attract and hold attention, which means to closely follow the plot. This is a great way:

  • show contrast;
  • enhance the drama;
  • indicate a change of topic.

All this is relevant for those who are advancing in TikTok: well-mounted videos are guaranteed to attract new viewers. This means to increase your coverage and statistics.

How is it better to make transitions

The main purpose of transitions is to organically combine two different videos into one. This technique allows you to shoot footage in several steps, recording and suspending it, in any case, in the end it will look holistic.

To make the result look professional, transitions come to the rescue. It is important that there is no need for additional devices to create them. There are two main ways to add transitions: in the "native" application and using third-party software:

  1. The most obvious way to use them is with the help of the built–in TikTok functionality. It will be available after you record the video and proceed to the editing stage. However, its capabilities are largely limited.
  2. Easy-to-use smartphone apps like VJump provide you with dozens of ready-made plots on the go. To get started, just download the app through the App Store or Play Store, and you can immediately start creating your own unique content. Among other things, the functionality will include the addition of special effects and editing.


Basics of successful transitions in TikTok

There is one clear rule to remember when trying to make transitions in the same setting: the end of one video and the beginning of the next must be absolutely identical. This means that everything that is not part of the transition should remain in the same places. Do not move any objects in the background, keep the same lighting, and also stay in the same position. This will create the foundation for the smoothest transformations.

To do this, you can mark the place where you are standing and use a tripod so that the angle does not change, if this is the general plan. It's also best to use a timer setting so that you don't have to press the record/stop button and you can focus solely on what you're doing.

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