How do electronic locks work in hotels?
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How do electronic locks work in hotels?

  • 16 January 2023 - 11:03. Updated

You put a plastic card, the door opens, go in, insert the card into a special holder, the door closes and locks from the outside — this is how the electronic lock of the ACS works in most domestic and foreign hotels. More precisely, this is how we, ordinary users, see his work. And what actually happens in the system? What are electronic locks capable of, and why do most modern hotels consider it necessary to buy electric locks and equip guest rooms and utility rooms of the hotel with them?How do electronic locks for hotels open?

Electronic locks for hotels can be opened in several ways.

The most common is a contactless RIF card. But there are others:guest's bracelet;

  • a keychain for keys.

As a rule, all hotels, guest houses and hotels that strive to introduce innovations and try to make guests' stay in apartments as safe as possible use such systems. Electronic locks in Almaty can be purchased in the catalog of the ID Smart online store. Electric locks on https://idsmart .kz are modern and high—quality models at a pleasant price. The delivery function allows you to receive goods anywhere in Kazakhstan, and this is another nice bonus for the buyer.What is the principle of electric locks?

Electronic locks for hotels have a clear algorithm of action, which begins with bringing the identifier to the lock.

A contactless card or other identifier is brought by the user to the reader.

  1. It reads the information and activates the external handle. After that, the user has about 5 seconds to enter the room. Otherwise, the identifier will have to be brought to the reader again.When leaving the room, the lock closes automatically.
  2. To enter the room again, you will need to perform the actions described in the first paragraph.
  3. Electronic locks for hotels after the cardholder enters the room, they are blocked from the outside. It will not be difficult to open the door from the inside. But only the master card holder will be able to enter from the outside (it is used to open the door in an emergency) - and no one else.What are the cards from electronic locks?

The cards that open the electronic lock for hotels are divided into several types.

Guest card.

  • This is a standard identifier that allows a guest to open a specific (paid for) room, and also allows access to a number of paid hotel services. For example, to the SPA center, to the pool area, and so on.Master card.
  • An identifier that allows you to open any door that is part of the general ACS in the hotel. Such cards are used by hotel managers only in emergency cases.The maid's card.
  • An identifier that allows you to open any room, but at a strictly defined time. If the room is closed from the inside and the "Do not disturb" mode is turned on, the maid card will not work.A huge advantage of electronic locks is the presence of memory in them.

The lock remembers exactly when and at what time it was opened. This makes it possible for the hotel management to clearly monitor the implementation of the cleaning schedule, as well as guarantee maximum safety to guests.


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