VPN as a tool to protect your Android.
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VPN as a tool to protect your Android.

  • 06 March 2022 - 19:03. Updated

In the current realities, hackers have become a real problem for the average user. A reasonable question arises, "how to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks?", often this question is solved by vpn services. In this article, we will look at how to secure your Android on the network, as well as consider other VPN functionality.

You need to start with the fact that the abbreviation Virtual Private Network (VPN) stands for private network. That is, it is a network to which you connect remotely, change your IP address, thereby increasing the security of your smartphone.

How to use a VPN and what it is needed for

Using a VPN is very easy, just download the app to your Android.
To choose the right VPN, you can use the vpnscanner service, there are comparisons, reviews and user opinions about popular VPNs.

Next, you need to select the country you like and connect to the network remotely. In today's market, there are about 10 best free vpn services, as well as a huge number of paid services that are broader in functionality, but they are not mandatory for private users.

VPN is used primarily to protect against cyber attacks, anonymity on the world Wide Web, as well as to access blocked resources.

What types of attacks does a VPN protect against

There are four main types of attacks on your network:


· Remote hacking

· DDOS attack

· Phishing attacks

Let's look at each type and how a vpn can protect you.

MITM, literally stands for "Man-in-the-middle". Consider a specific example, you have visited some website, with this type of attack, a hacker gets in the middle of your connection, partly listens to you. The essence of this attack is the interception of your personal data. If you are connected from your wi-fi, then your network is public, standard encryption in such a network is vulnerable. How can a vpn help in this situation? If you use a vpn, your ip will be changed, hackers will try to hack your fake address, in this situation, using a vpn will protect your Android.

Remote hacking, the oldest and most effective type of attacks that hackers have invented and are improving. Almost all websites use cookies and tracking your ip address. If attackers find a vulnerability on the site, it means they will see your ip through it. Next, there will be an attempt to hack your wi-fi, the purpose of these attacks, your personal data, which includes information about cards and payment methods. Using a vpn will protect you, as it will change your address, again, attackers will try to hack a fake ip, another indicator of how a vpn can secure your smartphone and confidential data.

DDOS attacks are not usually applied to private users. The purpose of this attack is to force you to disconnect from the network for a while or disable the site you are trying to access. In simple words, ddos attacks direct unwanted requests to your network, which load the network, forcing it to stop working. If we consider which private users are targeted by such attacks, streamers and popular personalities fall under the distribution, hackers are trying to cut off their activities on the Internet for a while.

The peculiarity of ddos is their irritability and accessibility, everyone with a small budget can launch such an attack. Imagine that you are trying to meet the deadline for work, but you are constantly thrown out of the network.

VPN in this case protects you, because an attack is directed to a false ip, of course the service can lie down, but your real network will be saved.

Phishing attacks, the most common type of fraud from which only you and no one else can protect yourself. VPN will not help here, because your real ip is not needed for this attack. If you click on a phishing link, the hacker will receive all your data, which he will use himself, or sell it to the dark net.

To prevent data loss, you should not click on suspicious links on the Internet, and also not open potentially malicious files.

What else can a VPN be used for.

Access to any sites is one of the advantages of these services. Let's take a concrete example, the binance exchange was blocked for a short time in the Russian Federation, with the help of a vpn, access was opened, this is especially important for crypto investors.

A vpn can also be used for:

· Hiding devices from external eyes

· Protection from global corporations' surveillance

· Full control of network traffic

To summarize, VPN is a multi—functional service that provides protection for your Android, and also has a huge number of secondary features. But do not rely on one vpn, so it will not prevent you from clicking on phishing links. Also, if you are a private user, it is not necessary to buy subscriptions on such services, since standard applications do their job perfectly.

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